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Financial Planning, Financial Health

Working with someone with clear communication channels means everything. Having a financial planner that can also act like a financial coach who can help with stress and put you in a stronger financial position in both the short and long term. A successful CEO of an organization knows the power of delegation. He or she knows that they are not the smartest at all tasks so they have to have good help such as finances.

Factors to Consider:

  • Age of independence

  • Mortality

  • Future budgeting

  • Monthly income needs

  • Pensions/Canada Pension Plan/Old Age Security 

  • Assets/investments for income sources

  • Healthcare costs

  • Inheritances

  • Real estate

  • Business shares 

  • Projected rate of return on investments

  • Inflation

  • Non-financial  ie. where to live, family considerations, estate planning, volunteer and other activities

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