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Executors Get A Rough Ride

Are you a named executor or do you know one? They often get a "rough ride." As we age, estate planning is increasingly important. We can make the lives much easier and efficient of testators (who has the will) and their executor. As a result, we have created Estate Essentials to support estate planning for testators and their executors, with 3 levels of affordable models to choose from.

Over recent years, I have developed several popular estate planning tools including, the Personal Records Inventory and recently, the Estate Readiness Quiz.

Efficient estate planning offers big benefits:

  • Less taxes and fees in the future

  • Less stress and work for the executor

  • Peace of mind for testator

  • An informed executor

  • More for beneficiaries

  • More privacy​​

Book a complimentary consultation today, whether it's you or a friend or family member.

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