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Integration of Your Retirement and Estate Plan

As our first newsletter, we are pleased to offer helpful information for those near or in retirement. With 27 years of experience as a financial planner, I have dedicated most of my time to supporting clients in this stage of life. This newsletter focuses on topics that provide value and insight for this group. My hope is that this newsletter becomes another means of communication where we can share ideas together. Comments will be valuable for us all! Let us know of topics that particularly interest you.

A truly effective retirement plan includes both financial and non-financial strategies. In our recent webinar, "The Integration of Retirement and Estate Plans," we explored important topics such as retirement income sources, tax-efficient investing, and health trends, featuring a guest speaker from Medavie Blue Cross.

The integration of retirement and estate plans gains momentum as we age. It's possible to "have your cake and eat it too" by utilizing tax-efficient investments that meet retirement needs while also providing estate planning benefits. Segregated funds serve as an excellent example. They offer a wide range of investment choices, including registered (RRSP and TFSA) and non-registered options. These funds not only provide a guarantee of principal while you're alive but also allow you to set up a guaranteed death benefit for your beneficiary. Additionally, they bypass probate in the estate, eliminating probate costs and reducing the workload for your executor.

Another helpful tool for both retirement and estate planning is the Personal Records Inventory. This form allows you to note personal records such as banking information, investments, and advisors. It becomes especially valuable as you age, supporting a surviving spouse, power of attorney, and executor. For individuals with memory issues, it can also serve as a great resource.

There are numerous strategies that can be implemented in your retirement/estate plans. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments!

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