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Throw a Lifeline to the Executor

How do you feel about your executor sinking when the time comes? What if some preparations were made that would make their job much easier, cutting time and stress? In fact, wouldn’t you feel better knowing your affairs were in order and your personal records were updated? It would help the executor as well as the enduring power of attorney.

updating your personal records inventory for example, does not have to be a long exhausting process. Guidance and facilitation from an estate planning specialist, CFP, like Doug Wright with Wiltshire Financial, makes the process much easier.

Did you know less than half of Canadians have a will?

To make matters worse, many wills are not up to date and sometimes have an inappropriate executor. They may live too far away or unable to spare time with a busy family life. Many executors don’t have a clue what’s in store. Estates that are seemingly straightforward still take time and energy.

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